Student Parliament of the Rhenish
Friedrich Wilhelm University of Bonn

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…to the website of the 46. Student Parliament!

Here you can find out about basic information and news about the SP and its current composition. If you have any further questions or suggestions, the parliament is happy to hear from you, and you are also welcome to speak in person at the public meeting of the SP.

SP meetings take place regularly about once a month during the semester. The dates are sent sent to members by email one week before the start of the meeting and published here.

The 3rd regular meeting of the budget committee takes place on in the AStA-Container.

The preliminary agenda:

  1. Opening and Welcome
  2. Determination of the minute taker
  3. Finalisation of the agenda
  4. Approval of meeting minutes
  5. Data protection declaration
  6. Financial motion AK Feminist Geographies Bonn and recommendation for resolution
  7. Election of a deputy chairperson
  8. Reimbursement of expenses of the public relations officer
  9. Resolution recommendation on the NHHP II
  10. Miscellaneous
Meeting as ics file

The 7. ordentliche Sitzung des Hifo took place on until in the Internet.

Beitreten Zoom Meeting Meeting-ID: 655 0337 5631 Kenncode: 657861

Meeting as ics file

The 2nd regular Meeting of the Student Parliament took place on in the Mensa CAMPO.

The preliminary agenda was:

  1. Formalities
    1. Opening and Welcome
    2. Introduction to Formalities
    3. Setting of the Agenda
    4. Approval of Meeting Minutes
  2. Reports, Guests and Motions with Guests
    1. Antrag 46/9 Neufassung der Reisekostenordnung der Studierendenschaft [1. Lesung]
    2. Antrag 46/10 Finanzantrag Rudern
    3. Antrag 46/11 Entlastung des AStA für das Haushaltsjahr 2022/23 [1] [2]
    4. Reports
      1. from the SP Committees
      2. from the General Students’ Committee (AStA)
      3. from the Autonomous Departments
      4. from the Student Bodies
      5. from the University Bodies (Senate, Faculty Council, Committees, Council for Student Assistants)
      6. from the Presidium of the SP
      7. from the Arbitration Board
      8. from the Administrative Board of the Studierendenwerk Bonn
      9. from the Student Groups
  3. Elections
    1. AStA-Wahlen
      1. President of AStA
      2. Vice President of AStA
      3. Finance Officer
      4. Further Representatives
    2. Committees: Elections and By-Election
    3. Election of the Public Relations Commissioner
    4. By-Elections of the Members of the Arbitration Board
  4. Motions
    1. Antrag 46/12 Finanzantrag festival contre le racisme 2024
    2. Other Motions
    3. Miscellaneous
Meeting as ics file