Student Parliament of the Rhenish
Friedrich Wilhelm University of Bonn

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Conciliation Committee

The conciliation committee can be called upon to settle disputes on matters concerning the constituted student body and to advise the bodies and organ parts as well as other university bodies or student associations.

The members of the conciliation committee are elected with the majority of the SP members for the duration of the SP's legislative period and can only be recalled through constructive new elections. Each list in the SP, with the exception of the corresponding list of the second speaker, proposes a student member for the committee, who should also be a member of the SP. Each list in the SP also proposes a deputy member. The 2nd speaker is the chairperson of the conciliation committee by virtue of her role. The FK also proposes one member and one deputy member for the conciliation committee.

The conciliation procedure is regulated in § 35 as per the statutes of the student body.

Members of the Conciliation Committee:

Deputy Members of the Conciliation Committee: