Student Parliament of the Rhenish
Friedrich Wilhelm University of Bonn

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Would you like to submit a motion? With pleasure!

You can send motions to the Presidium at any time by email (). If you have an idea but don't know how to implement it, or if you have any questions about submitting a motion, we can also advise you by e-mail. Below you will find guidelines that must be obeyed when submitting a motion.

Guidelines for SP motions

A formally correct (and stylistically adequate) motion consists of the following elements:

  1. A title that conveys what the motion is about

  2. The preamble "The SP shall decide:"

    The legislature does not need to be added.
    In addition, the end of the preamble is a colon, not a comma or similar. This is because the preamble does not appear in the resolution; if the motion text after the preamble is a complete sentence, the resolution text still makes grammatical sense without correction by the Presidium.

  3. The motion text

    The motion text should briefly and concisely list what the motion is intended to achieve. Money that will be paid out, people and institutions that will be asked to do something, opinions and statements that will be adopted by the SP and the student body.

    The motion text will be included in its entirety in the resolution, that means it should be able to stand on its own.

  4. The explanatory statement

    To ensure that the motion can be prepared and understood by the members of the SP, the AStA, the student councils and external parties as soon as the invitation is sent out, it makes sense to include an explanatory statement. This should clarify why the proposers consider the motion to be sensible, why it has the form it has, why it makes certain demands on certain addressees and what happens if the SP accepts or rejects the motion. Further background information on the topic is also always welcome.

  5. The applicants

    At least one student must sign the motion by name. A real signature is not required, but the name must appear on the document so that the Presidium knows that the motion is being submitted by a student. Several persons are also welcome to submit the motion.

    If the motion is submitted on behalf of a parliamentary group or institution or as a member of such (SP committee, AStA department, student council representatives, etc.), it makes sense to include this.

  6. Further formalities

    SP motions must always be submitted in PDF file format with DIN A4 page format; other formats may be rejected. Submissions are made via the SP's email address (). Motions can be submitted at any time, if they are submitted nine days before an SP meeting, they will be sent out with the invitation and all members of the SP can prepare in advance. This increases the likelihood that the motion will be dealt with. Otherwise, they need to be presented as a room document. To ensure successful delivery of the resolution, the email addresses of the recipients must be communicated to the Presidency.

  7. Room documents

    Room documents are motions that are submitted after the invitation has been sent out. If they are sent to the Presidium by email, they are made available to the members via a folder.

    A printed copy of the motion must be brought to the meeting for each parliamentary group and the Presidium. The current number of parliamentary groups can be found on the "Composition" page.

Example for a motion: motion_duckhats.pdf