Student Parliament of the Rhenish
Friedrich Wilhelm University of Bonn

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The Presidency

The Presidency is composed of the First Speaker (also known as the President), the Second Speaker, and the Third Speaker. The First Speaker represents the SP externally and manages its affairs. They open, conduct and close the meetings. Their work is impartial and properly organized. The Presidency is supported by two Recording Clerks who write the proceedings of the meetings.

Picture of the Presidency members

1. Sprecher/Präsident

Sebastian Mathy (Juso-HSG)
Chemie, Medizin

2. Sprecher

Haiko Hofmann (RCDS)

1. Schriftführer

Enrico Kotalla (RCDS)

2. Schriftführer

Hans Tönnies (RCDS)
Rechtswissenschaft, Law and Economics