Student Parliament of the Rhenish
Friedrich Wilhelm University of Bonn

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Composition of the 36. SP

The Student Parliament has 43 seats.

At least two members of the SP can form a parliamentary group.

The composition of the 36. Student Parliament:

ghg-campus:grün 12 1214
Juso-HSG Bonn 11 1056
RCDS & Unabhängige 11 1025
LHG 4 430
LUST 3 253
Piraten-HSG Bonn 2 177

Members of the 36. Student Parliament

The affiliation to a parliamentary group is indicated in brackets after the name.


SP members

Juso-HSG Bonn

SP members

RCDS & Unabhängige

SP members


SP members


SP members

Piraten-HSG Bonn

SP members